“With the Prodigy TSI implementation of VOIP for our 14 site organization, we were able to offer our customers superior service, better manage our internal resources, and still save 100K per year.”

David Naranjo

Express Pipe and Supply


Who we are and what we do

Prodigy Technology Solutions Inc. (Prodigy TSI)  is a leading provider of innovative office automation solutions deployed across the US.  Office automation systems include Voice Communication Systems, Video Conferencing Systems, Network Management and IT Services, as well as Document Output and Management systems.  We bring custom business solutions  based on your unique business needs.  Solutions tailored to solve immediate business needs, with positive impact to your bottom line.


Earning a trusted advisor relationship with our customers by maintaining  integrity, good business ethics, reliability and proactive thinking are all fundamentally critical to our success and the success of our business partners.







We Represent

A local team of solutions consultants,
engineers & programmers certified in VoIP, Video Conferencing, Network Administration, Document Output and Management Systems with 10 years industry experience headquartered in
Los Angeles, CA.

Certified relationships with industry leading manufacturers 3cx, Xerox, Tandberg, Microsoft, HP and many more.