Voice & Video Systems Integration

Managing company costs & minimizing the companies footprint on the environment continue to be leading concerns for business owners and managers.  It has become important to utilize technology to maximize communication for both internal associates and external customers.  Fluid communication ensures both streamlined operations and satisfied clients.

Partnering with Tandberg & 3cx, industry leaders in communication hardware, Trilogy TSI provides customers with simplified solutions easily replicated and adopted throughout the small, medium, or large enterprise. 

· Business enhancing phones & software

· Visually enable your existing communication infrastructure

Document Output & Management Systems

Individuals in the business environment are aware of the continual flow of documents, from the creation and inception, to the final print and replication.

Trilogy Technology Solutions Inc. has partnered with Xerox IT Advantage   to offer network print technology covering the entire document workflow.     Engineering our solutions from the perspective that document management should complement and accelerate your existing processes and not hinder them.

· Document output machines with integrated workflow

· Simplified accounting and cost management



Network  Infrastructure

In today’s network based business infrastructures, staying on the leading edge of high speed systems is crucial in a competitive market.   Optimizing business interactions and collaborating with trusted partners must be performed in an efficient, fast,  and secure environment.

Trilogy Technology Solutions Inc. is a Microsoft Certified Partner and has built it’s history in designing and implementing solid  network infrastructures.

· Creating ground up or optimizing existing  networks

· Supporting and ensuring the security of your enterprise